Yellow Pond Lily or Spatterdock – Nuphar lutea

This aquatic plant has large floating leaves, and yellow, globular flowers. It is a perennial which is considered Endangered in Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, and Ohio.

This lily was a source of food and medicine for the Native Americans. These flowers are reported to have a brandy like scent. Native Americans consumed the starchy rootstocks as boiled or roasted vegetables and harvested the seed for grinding into flour

The roots are anaphrodisiac, anodyne, antiscrofulatic, astringent, cardiotonic, demulcent and sedative. Caution should be exercised because large doses are potentially toxic.

They are very important for the ecosystem since they provide shade for fish and cover from predators. They are a home for tons of tiny creatures, like the bonnet worm, which are then eaten by fish. Also, larger animals like beavers, muskrats, and deer eat different parts of the plants


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