Southern Magnolia – Magnolia grandiflora

Close up of Southern Magnolia Flower

Southern Magnolia Flower

This is possibly my husbands favorite tree, his family has had one on the front lawn of the family seat for over 80 years! The tree is now over 3 stories tall, and is so wide spread that is has been a climbing tree for the children, with at least one using it for a quiet, private reading space.

The flowers have a delightful and powerful scent. But for some people it produces headaches, since the scent can be overpowering in a closed room. Symbolic of the American South, Magnolia grandiflora is the state tree of Mississippi, and the state flower of Mississippi and Louisiana. The flower was also used as an emblem of the Confederate army in the US civil war

The Choctaw Indians used a decoction of the bark to wash prickly heat. Others used the decoction to bath sores.

The wood of the Southern Magnolia is used for making furniture, boxes, cabinet work, and doors.

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