Yarrow – Achillea millefolium



This is one plant I had to have in my herb garden. I purchased my first one from Lowe’s last year, and a second one this year. Both are the red flowered variety. I had thought to transplant some wild white yarrow into the yard, but found two different patches had sprung up this spring! I love bird poop! It always leaves volunteer plants behind.

Yarrow has a long history of use. In Rome it was known as a treatment for wounds; and the Native American Indians used the numbing root to help open sores in the mouth. The plant is also a well-known insecticide, even the common Starling use yarrow to line their nests! A yellow and green dye can be obtained form the flowers. The leaves are edible, although a bit bitter.

They spread with an abandon from seed or by its roots. In rare cases yarrow can cause a skin allergic rash.



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