A Trip to Nowhere – A Time for Rest

Cape May - Lewis Ferry


When you take a day trip, it is to get a change of scenery, a change of pace…just something, somehow dissimilar to the norm. Tuesday was no different. I also thought being on the Delaware Bay where is feeds into the Atlantic Ocean would be the last place in the world to find plant pictures to take! Okay I know there are aquatic plants below the water along the bottom of the bay and ocean…but I wasn’t scuba diving after all!

Tuesday we took a trip down to Lewes, Delaware where we boarded (by foot, not with the truck) the Cape May-Lewes Ferry. It is a 70-minute ride one direction. We had 2-3 foot swells, which made moving around hysterically funny to watch. Most people had a very drunken sailor pitch to their walk, swaying from side to side, and taking detours as the deck rolled under them.

As always I took my camera, and got some shots of the lighthouses that mark the ends of the breakwaters. I got a picture of the other ferry, passing us, and some of birds. When we got to the other side of the bay in Cape May, New Jersey we had about 1-½ hours to kill before the return trip. So we took a walk. Of course I found plants to take pictures of…grasses, beach plums, some berries I didn’t recognize, among other things.

Lighthouse marking end of breakwaterPartridge Pea


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