Fall Phlox – Phlox paniculata

Fall Phlox

When this plant first came to my attention, it was growing wild alongside the road. When we stopped to look at it, I found a multitude of butterflies on it, circling it, and just generally in love with it. I spent more than an hour just snapping away; thank Goddess for a digital camera, and no worries over film processing!

It has taken me about two (2) years to finally figure out what it is! Many of the plants we use in our gardens here in America came form the Old World, but the Phlox is one that was found growing wild here. It has since been put under cultivation. Now there are many different cultivars in different colors. The ones in the wild tend to be this pretty pink color, but white (although rare) is found.

The plant was widely used as a medicinal herb; the leaf extract was used as a laxative and for treating boils.

The butterfly seen here with the phlox is the Pipevine Swallowtail.


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