Fisher Martin House, Herb Garden

Fisher Martin Herb House and Garden
Kichen Wife Statue

In July my husband and I had to go to our doctors office…. it is about a 45-minute drive to his place closer to the ocean. We had to go twice in a week, and we decided to make it more interesting while we were there. We took different side trips.

The Fisher Martin House is an historic house from the 1700’s that was moved to downtown Lewis, Delaware, USA for preservation. The local garden clubs have taken turns caring for the exterior plantings, and in creating a Colonial Herb Garden.

Joshua Martin built the house in 1728 in Cool Spring, Delaware. The house was moved to Lewes for their 350th anniversary in 1980.

In 1984 the original gardens were planted. This is an excerpt from their flier:

“The inner four areas of the garden contain the herbs utilized by a typical Colonial housewife. She used herbs for medicine, for strewing on her floor to mask odor, for laying with her bedding and clothing to repel moths, for flavoring her ‘salats’ and stews, and for coloring her fabrics. Her fragrant garden of useful plant was close to her door and she gathered and saved blossoms, leaves, and roots to help her family through the year.”

“The outer four gardens contain two culinary gardens, a medicinal, and a Native American garden.”

What we saw was a nicely laid out small garden, not nearly large enough to handle all of a Colonial family’s herb needs in a year! (But it is a reproduction for tourists!) So keeping that in mind… The plants were nicely labeled, and there were designated paths that were simple and easy to follow.


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