Moth Mullein – Verbascum blattaria

Moth Mullein Flowers

The common name of Moth Mullein refers to the fancied resemblance of the flowers to moths; although I don’t see it myself. It has also been called flannel plant, candlewick plant, or velvet plant

This plant repels insects. In days past it was noted that women from New England used to pack this plant away with the winter woolens for the summer to keep moths out. It has also been strewn indoors to keep cockroaches from invading.

Moth Mullein has been used as a dye. Using the leaves, flowers, and stalk a range of colors are possible depending on mordant use and fabric dyed. The fabrics traditionally dyed are wool and silk. The colors produced on these fabrics are including yellow, gold, bright yellow, moss green and dark yellow-green


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