Sassafras – Sassafras albidum

Sassafrass Sapling

Sassafras is well noted for its leaves…there are three different shapes. Some leaves with three lobes and others with one lobe on the side looking like a mitten and some with none

All parts of this tree are aromatic. And the bark of the roots was used for a tonic tea. Sassafras was one of the first and earliest exports back to Europe. In 1587 Sir Walter Raleigh brought it back from the Virginia Colony to England. It grew to great popularity as a beverage and for its medicinal uses.

I had this tea served to me in a woodland setting. The man who made it had high praises for its taste, he gushed about the excellent flavor. I was enthusiastic to try it. I found I can drink it, but his excessive praise of the taste left me highly disappointed. I would have needed a little honey to augment the flavor!

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