Saguaro Cactus – Carnegiea gigantea

Sagoro Cactus

It is a large tree sized cactus; it is native to the Sonoran Desert in the US state of Arizona and Mexico. It is the state flower of Arizona. They live for a very long time; taking up to 75 years to form an arm

Harming a saguaro in any manner is illegal by state law in Arizona, and when houses or highways are built, special permits must be obtained to move or destroy any saguaro affected.

The ribs of the saguaro were used for construction and other purposes by Native Americans. The 3-inch, oval, green fruit ripens just before the fall rainy season, splitting open to reveal the bright-red, pulpy flesh, which all desert creatures seem to relish. This fruit was an especially important food source to Native Americans of the region who used the flesh, seeds and juice.

There is a National Park established just to protect the Saguaro Cactus (it was beginning to disappear from the landscape) located in Arizona (Saguaro National Park)


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