The National Herb Garden

We headed out to the National Herb Garden in Washington DC on Tuesday. It is located in the middle of the National Arboretum, and (the Herb Garden) was a gift of the Herb Society of America to the people of the United States. It is 2 !/2 acres, with 800 herbs in 10 theme gardens. They also feature a cottage garden featuring historic and species roses and their companions.

The Theme gardens feature plants that are important for different uses at different times around the world. They are:

            Dye Garden

            Medicinal Garden

            Culinary Garden

Fragrance Garden

Industrial Garden

Beverage Garden

Native American Garden

Colonial Garden

Asian Garden

Dioscorides Garden

Although beautiful to behold, the temperatures soared higher than they were expected to and the humidity spiked to make a very uncomfortable afternoon. As we tried to walk around the gardens sweat poured, just draining me of energy. So we resorted to driving around the arboretum. We will return in the fall and again next spring (after and before the heat) to do the walking part!


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