Foxglove – Digitalis purpurea

Foxglove is poisonous!

The name Foxglove itself is derived from a legend that says that evil Fairies gave a fox the flower petals to put on his toes so that he could rob the chicken house without being heard – thus the name “fox glove.”

Foxglove is strongly associated with fairies, who are said to wear the tiny flowers as hats. Foxglove is used in fairy magic and for the evocation of elves or earth elementals. The leaves are said to grant release from fairy enchantment. Planting foxglove is an invitation to fairies to enter your garden. Wearing foxglove is a charm to attract fairy energy. The juice of the plant is said to be effective in breaking fairy enchantments.

Placed in front of the house, Foxglove is believed to protect the occupants from evil influences. Picking Foxglove from the garden and bringing it inside, is believed to anger the Fairies. Placed in a charm or talisman, a piece of Foxglove flower is believed to keep one inside protective Fairy light.

Due to the cardiac glycosides found in the leaves, flowers, seeds Foxglove are very toxic. Even so it has been used with great effect for heart problems over the ages. It is from this plant that the cardiac drug Digoxin is derived!


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