The Flower Sisters


How Goldenrod and Aster Came To Be – A Cherokee Tale


Two warring tribes, fighting over a choice hunting ground, waged war into a village. Two young girls, sisters, hid in the woods, and in this way survived. Both wore dresses their mother had made from doeskin, one dyed lavender-blue with fringe, and the other one bright yellow.

The sisters sought help from an old Herb Woman who lived in a nearby valley. This woman gathered herbs by day and brewed magic potions by night, a gift given to her by Creator.

The Herb Woman looked into the future as the girls slept that night. She saw that the enemy would hunt down these children. So she made up a magic brew, sprinkled it upon them as they slept, and covered them with leaves.

As the sun rose the next morning there were two flowers where the girls had once been sleeping. One was the lavender-blue aster (the fringe had turned into her ray petals), and the other flower was the goldenrod.

New England Aster

New England Aster


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