Hedge Bindweed – Calystegia sepium

Hedge Bindweed
Hedge Bindweed

This member of the morning glory family is an herbaceous perennial that often invades field, gardens, and roadsides. Due to its twining spreading nature, and its ability to cover other plants, it is listed as a noxious plant in Arkansas and Texas. But in New Jersey it is listed as Endangered!

(Tongue in cheek control) “It has been suggested that unwinding the main stem and rewinding it in the opposite direction will kill the plant”

The young shoot and the stalks can be washed and steamed, then eaten. They are nutritious due to being high in sugars and starch, and have a pleasant, sweet taste, but they are also purgative (causing vomiting) so should be eaten with caution.

The purgative nature of the plant can be used in medicine, and use of the root is believed to increase flow of bile.

It attracts long tongues bees for nectar, including bumblebees, and little carpenter bees. If no other seed is available the Bobwhite and Ring Necked Pheasant eat them.

The seeds are toxic, but only in large quantities. The roots have proven toxic to pigs who nose them out of the ground. Yet surprisingly pigs still eat them.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Is this the same as Convolvulus arvensis by chance? We have here in Western MT too, and though it has interesting Flower Essence properties, I would love to know how to use this plant via herbal medicine! Thanks!


    • Actually the Convolvulus arvesis is the Field Bindweed…very close, but different…it is the next plant I plan to post… :o))
      Thanks for the comment


  2. Thanks! Actually I saw the post already from Facebook hehe!


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