Impatiens – Impatiens walleriana

Impatiens - Bizzy Lizzy
Impatiens – Bizzy Lizzy

Bizzy Lizzy as they are called in Great Britain are native to Africa. Impatiens first arrived in England in 1896, brought by Dr John Kirk (physician/naturalist). The plants love shade, but will survive more light if given sufficient water all through the season.

The common name of Impatiens is derived from the action of the seed pods. Should they be touched, or when they are fully ripe, they explode, sending the seeds for greater distances away from the plant. This is a fun game that children love; to touch and to trycatching the seeds!

The root is used to produce salep a very nutritive and soothing food for children and convalescents. One part root to 50 parts of water to make the jelly.

In ancient China, Impatiens petals were mashed with rose, orchid petals, and alum. This was then used as nail polish: after leaving the mixture on the nails for some hours, it would color them a pink to reddish hue


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