Black Walnut – Juglans nigra

Black Walnut
Black Walnut

Russian proverb: ~ A dog, a wife, and a walnut tree: the more you beat them, the better they be. ~

This native North American nut tree was first introduced into Europe in 1629 where it was cultivated for its high quality wood. It is dense and heavy, easily worked, and does not warp, shrink or swell much. It is used in cabinet making, the interior finishes of houses, furniture, airplanes, ship building, veneer etc.

The nut is totally edible, but the flavor is stronger and more intense than the English Walnut (Juglans regia). Black Walnuts are used in desserts, salads, fudge, cookies, and meat dishes.

Almost all parts of the walnut are used for something medicinally:

            Bark: Chewing to relieve toothache

            Infusion of Bark: Treats diarrhea

            Fruit Husk Juice: Applied externally to treat ringworm

            Oil from ripe Seeds: to treat gangrene, leprosy, and wounds

            Bark and Leaves: Esp. useful in the treatment of skin diseases, herpes, and


            The Burnt Nut Kernels: Taken in wine for baldness

            The Husk: Chewed for colic, and applied as poultice for inflammations

            The Leaves: A tea made from the leaves is astringent and has been used to lower

high blood pressure. The infusion can be used as a cleansing wash. The

dried, and powdered leaves have been rubbed on ringworm to kill it.

The husks, nuts, and bark produce a brown dye without need of a mordant. If the dye is prepared in an iron pot the dye becomes black! A Brown dye is obtained from the leaves and stems, while the green husks provide a yellow color upon boiling.

Walnut Hull Basket Dye:

Walnut hulls makes a brown basket dye. Boil the crushed hulls in a stocking or other mesh holder, then let cool and soak overnight. Immerse your basket in the dye liquor – the longer the immersion, the darker the stain. The stain can also be painted or sprayed. The hulls are reusable and will make more than one batch of dye.

(The proverb above…is not my belief or responsibility! It is old! it is outdated and rude…but it is from another time and place….try to just chuckle! ;o))

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