Nandina – Nandina domestica

Also known as heavenly bamboo or Sacred Bamboo it is a shrub that grows to about six feet tall (2 m). It is not a bamboo at all, bamboo is a grass, and Nandina is in the Barberry family. The common name comes only from its resemblance to bamboo due to the fine lacy foliage, and the cane-like growth pattern of the plant. Nandina has been placed on the Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council’s invasive list as a Category I species.

The white flowers are borne in early summer followed by fruit that turn red in the fall. Birds, such as mockingbirds, robins, and cedar waxwings find them interesting. But caution should be used in human consumption as they (and all parts of the bush) are poisonous, containing hydrocyanic acid (which can be fatal if ingested). The flowers are very attractive to bees.

Nandina Berries

Nandina Berries


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