Making Rose Hip Tincture

Rose Hips and Vodka assembled for making tincture
Rose Hips and Vodka assembled for making tincture

When one reads about making a Rose Hip tincture you read that you should wait until the first hard frost hits the plant. The fruit then softens, the bitterness is allayed, and the Vitamin C content is elevated. But what I have never seen is anything restricting the harvest to just the day or so after that first frost. So this week (in mid-January) when I suddenly came across a large patch of rose hips that had been left undisturbed by birds and small mammals, far enough away from the road to have no worries with that concern…I started to harvest!

I decided to take my small harvest (I didn’t take a large amount, I left some for reproduction of the rose, and for late consumption by wildlife) and make a tincture. The amount I had gotten was small, just 2.6 ounces by weight. So I decided against a simples formulae. Instead I used formulae that Henriette Kress has written about on her site…a 1:5 ratio of herb to alcohol. That is for every 1 ounce of herb by weight I add 5 liquid ounces of Vodka. So my formulae became 2.6  ounces of hips and 13 ounces of alcohol.

I placed both in a clean glass jar, and sealed it tightly. I placed this at the back of a dark cabinet and daily take it out to gently shake it. I plan to wait 6 weeks to decant this. Rose Hips are high in vitamin C, so are an excellent tincture for fighting off winter colds and flu. This tincture has also been added to cough formulas.

5 responses to this post.

  1. I have harvested rosehips and am very excited to try this recipe….this will be my first ever tincture.
    I am currently making my own vanilla with organic vanilla beans & vodka, as per Mary Janes Farm magazine.
    Do you drop rosehip tincture under tongue for vitamin c treatments?


  2. Can you use dried rosehips for this tincture?


    • the simple straight forward answer is yes, dried also work, in fact when i harvest iwill allow the hips to dry some before using to get excess water out!


  3. Posted by Diane on October 14, 2013 at 6:18 pm

    Did you cut your rosehips or just put them in whole?


    • I cut the tops and bottoms off, but because they were so small I did not cut them further. On really large hips I would, but mine then were small, very small.


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