Mythical Mondays

One of the things I have noticed throughout my years of delving into plants and their mysteries is the fact that many of the plants perform an important role in the mythology of people the world over. To understand a culture one must also understand their mythology, it speaks volumes about their beliefs, customs, and mores. So to add another level to the growing body of work here, I am adding the telling of the myths….on Mythical Mondays I will pick one of the weeks plants to tell its stories, to help further understanding and to entertain.


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  1. I just LOVE that idea! Funny you should bring this up, I was studying more about Asters, and learned about Astraea and the Virgo/Libra time of year, the constellations, and the fact that this flower (ruled by Venus) was designated to the Autumnal Equinox, in a similar way that St. John’s Wort (ruled by the Sun) is assigned to Midsummer. I look forward to it!!


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