Pacific Giant Delphinium – Delphinium elatum

Pacific Giant Delphinium
Pacific Giant Delphinium

This tall perennial is also called Candle Larkspur. Their bloom spikes can obtain 4 to 5 feet in height with lavender or blue flowers. You will sometimes find them in pink, white or cream. Bee Larkspur, a native of Russia and one of the chief parents of our modern Delphinium cultivars, it has been cultivated in English gardens since 1578. Bernard McMahon of Philadelphia sold seeds of this perennial in 1804.

All parts of the delphinium are poisonous due to the alkaloid delphinine. Toxicity symptoms are vomiting when eaten and, in larger quantities, ultimate death.

Even though the plant is poisonous this plant has been used to treat scorpions stings, anti-parasitic (against lice), treatment for asthma and dropsy.

It was considered an anti magic herb…the seeds are black in color and it was believed that they would keep witches out of the stable. It was also thought to ward of lightening and was used on St John’s Day.


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