Staghorn Fern – Platycerium superbum

Staghorn Fern
Staghorn Fern

These are not terrestrial plants (growing by rooting in the ground) but rather they are like orchids, they are Epiphytes. They grow in the crook of a branch of a tree. They do not put roots into the host, they are not parasites. They only live on the other plant, taking nourishment from the dropping, decaying leaves of the host plant.

Staghorns are native to jungles in Africa, Madagascar, Australia, Tropical Asia and one species (Andinum) is from South America, Peru and Bolivia. Hey have two types of fronds…green fertile frond (which produce the spores they reproduce from) and brown sterile fronds. They produce no flowers.

No reference to this fern being useful for anything could be found! This is just not logical… almost every plant man has found in his environs has been used for something by somebody over the centuries!

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