Pansies – Viola tricolor hortensis



O give me not red roses,
That early dews have wet!
They speak to me of kisses
That are remembered yet.
O bring me not white roses,
That summer winds have drest!
For once I placed white roses
Upon a quiet breast.
But bring me purple pansies
If so you wish to please, 
                                                                                                              For them I have affection;
                                                                                                              For pansies are “heart’s ease”.

__Louisa Cooke Don-Carlos.


Pansy, the word comes from the French penseé meaning “thought”. In the language of flowers leaving someone a pansy means “thinking of you,” again reflecting the name.

Like so many in the Violet family, Pansy is so much more than it appears. The pretty little pansy is used in treating skin conditions. In herbal medicine pansies are made into a tincture to soothe rashes and to calm acne, psoriasis and eczema. Drinking tea made of pansies can be beneficial in the treatment of lung conditions, such as bronchitis and whooping cough.

Pansies are edible and are healthy for you too. Pansies contain Vitamin C and Vitamin A. They are made into beautiful garnishes for many vegetable dishes, salads, sandwiches and even desserts. Candied flowers have made beautiful wedding cake presentations, with Pansies and violets being some of the leaders. Pansies aren’t only used as garnishes for food and drinks. They can also be added to many other types of dishes, such as appetizers, omelets, soups, salads, pasta, fish, chicken and desserts. Pansies and violets can also be dried for teas to relax with or teas to heal the body. They can be made into lovely flavored vinegars and liqueurs too.

Pansy Eggs

For 1 serving:

2 eggs (preferably free range, organic eggs)

Pinch of garlic

2 tblsp grated parmesan cheese

A handful of pansies and violets

Salt and Pepper to taste

Scramble the eggs with the garlic and cheese. Turn the eggs into a heated skillet and cook…close to when the cooking is done toss in the pansies and continue to scramble until done. Serve hot

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