Radiation Protection – Update

This is an addition to the earlier post…some new info for sharing

Ingrid Berman has posted a very informative article titled Radioactivity 101


Ryan Drum wrote the article “Medicinal Uses of Seaweed” back originally in 2008


Todd Caldecott has published a very informative article…Radiation Alert and What You Can do


Being added on March 23, 2011 some new articles that I found interesting…….isn’t it better to be informed and prepared? Even if the radiation from Japan does not reach here, we have our own nuclear reactors on this continent, and after having lived through 3Mile Island I would rather be prepared and informed!

Dr. Sinatra has written a blog titled ‘Protect Yourself From Radiation’

He has suggested checking out his article on HeartMDInstitute titled ‘Earthquake Causes Radiation Leak in Japan’ for additional information.

Another good article to help in being prepared was written by ‘John Healthy’ titled “Fallout Foods” That Block Radiation




2 responses to this post.

  1. Great post! More helpful Info:
    Sean Donahue’s Post: http://greenmanramblings.blogspot.com/2011/03/thoughts-on-radiation-exposure.html
    Susun Weed’s Wise Woman Weblog: http://www.wisewomantradition.com/wisewomanweb/2011/03/surviving-radiation-the-wise-woman-way.html
    Part of an early release from http://herballegacy.com
    “…Significantly increase your intake of naturally sourced iodine-containing foods and superfoods: (*estimated amounts of naturally occurring iodine)
    Icelandic Kelp – *8000ppm
    Kelp, Dulse, etc. (Seaweeds) – *5400ppm
    Chlorella – *100ppm
    Spirulina – *70ppm
    Pistacios – *51ppm
    Dark Greens in all there variety
    Colorful vegetables & fresh fruits
    Onions & Garlic”


    • Thanks Lisa…some of this (Sean’s and Susun’s) are posted also in the blog before this one. This blog post is an Update! But the lower info is great! Thanks agaion! :o))


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