Daffodil – Narcissus psuedonarcissus


Sacred to: Not noted

Myth 1: It is bad luck to bring in a single Daffodil, misfortune will fall upon the house. Always bring a bouquet filled, if you intend to give Daffodils as a present, this will bring good fortune to the house.

Myth 2: An Old English folklore says, when you have poultry nesting on eggs, don’t bring Daffodils over the threshold. It was believed that the Daffodils would bring bad luck to the poultry that lay eggs, and the eggs would not hatch.

Other Notes: Symbol of Spring.

Echo and Narcissus

A love story about a young wood nymph, her name was Echo, and her heart was stolen by the dashing Narcissus. He was blessed by the Gods, with great beauty. The God’s bestowed a wonderful gift, Narcissus was blessed with eternal beauty, and youth, but on one condition, he was forbidden to look upon his own reflection.

In his vanity, his returned affection to the nymph Echo was so powerful, that he consumed her very being. With an over powering love, she faded away to a mere echo of herself. Because of this happening, the daffodil became the symbol for unreturned love.

Saint Francis and Easter

This legend is based on Saint Francis. He was a nature lover, whose best friend was a rabbit. All the animals in the forest loved Saint Francis and gave him a gift, a nest full of brightly colored eggs. The rabbit had asked the daffodil for its brilliant yellow color, the crocus for it’s blue, and violet for the purple. Saint Francis was so overwhelmed with joy, in receiving such a lovely present that he proclaimed that from now and forever, every year a basket full of colored eggs would return in memory of the first Easter Rabbit.


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