Maple – spp.

Sacred to: Not noted

Myth 1: A rather sad Swiss story is told about a number of dwarfs who used to sit on the branch of a Maple tree watching the haymaking. One night those with nothing better to do decided to cut through the branch making it dangerous to sit upon. When the dwarves next came to sit on the branch they fell to the floor. The people laughed at them and said:

‘O how is heaven so high And perfidy so great!

Here to-day and never more!

‘Needless to say the dwarves never returned to the place.

Myth 2: One story says that when the Creator first made the world, maple syrup ran from maple trees all the time. One day Glooskap came by and saw that all the villagers were laying under the trees letting the syrup run into their mouths and all the work was undone and the fields overgrown. So he made the sap runny and told the people that if they wanted syrup they’d have to work for it and showed them how to turn the runny sap into sweet, thick syrup.

Myth 3: Another story says that red squirrel first showed a hunter how to get sweet sap from the maple. He liked to bite off the branches to make the sap ooze out and when it had dried into a sugar crust would come back and lick it joyfully.

Other Notes: Maple is said to bring success and abundance. Maple trees meanings includes balance, promise, and practicality Maple, the luckiest of trees, has a very positive spirit. It is a happy tree, since it embodies the most favorable qualities – such as success, prosperity, and wealth.

The Old Woman and the Maple Tree Spirit – A Winnebago story

There lived an old woman by herself in an oval lodge at the outskirts of the village. She was always doing good for the people. If anyone needed anything from her, she would not fail to give it to them. She always fasted and made offerings of tobacco to the spirits.

Now the time had come when sap was collected from the maples, and she went out with her bucket to see what she might obtain. She went from one tree to another, yet she hardly collected anything. As she was walking along in the forest, she heard a voice. She looked around, but could see no one. Again the voice spoke to her, and she discovered that the voice had come from the trunk of a maple tree. “Grandmother, I take pity on you. Come back to me tomorrow and you will find on my trunk a ball of sap. Take this sap and rub it around the inside rim of your sap boiling kettle. However much sap you have put in, that much will expand to the place you have scored. And when you make maple syrup, if you can remember me with a small offering of tobacco, you will be blessed.” Thus the Tree Spirit spoke to her. So the next day she retrieved a ball of sap from the tree, and did as the spirit had bidden. Indeed, no matter how little sap she put in the kettle, it would always boil up to the mark she had made on the rim. She never wanted for maple syrup. Thus had she been blessed

Why the Maple Wears a Beaded Dress – A Seneca Tale

Maple Maiden went to fetch water one beautiful day. As she walked she saw a handsome warrior by the road. He stood straight and tall. “Dear Maiden,” he said “Would you give me a drink of water?” He held out his bowl and she poured some cool fresh water for him to drink. “I am Oak warrior.” he said. And they exchanged smiles. He was grateful for Maple Maiden’s kindness and so, when he had drained his bowl, he filled it with beads from his own headdress. Maple maiden sewed them onto her dress and wore them with pride. And of course, ever since that day, when you see Maple Maiden, you will find Oak warrior not far away.

Flowers of the Red Maple

Flowers of the Red Maple


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