Tulip – Tulipa gesneriana


These members of the Lily family originate in the Persian Empire. The name originated from the Ottoman Turkish from the word tülbend or ‘Muslin gauze’.

The bulbs have been crushed and mixed with honey to be used externally on noxious swellings (such as boils), ulcers, lymphatic nodules and cancers.

During WWII it was reported that the Dutch survived famine by eating the bulbs! The bulbs can be cooked, dried, and ground into powder. This powder is then mixed with cereal grains when making bread. Some chefs have used the petals in salads and on tea sandwiches.

Tulips are used in magic for protection, and to attract & keep love! For protection carry the flower with you or place a petal in an amulet to ensure abundance. Placing a tulip on your alter will attract and help you keep a lover! Tulip is the 11th wedding anniversary flower. In the Language of Flowers a bouquet of tulips represents elegance and grace.


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