Water Oak – Querus nigra

Water Oak
Water Oak

“If the Oak’s before the Ash,

Then you’ll only get a splash;

If the Ash before the Oak,

Then you might expect a soak.”

Old Proverb


Native to wet, swampy areas of the southeastern United States, from southern Delaware to Florida, west to Texas, this tree grows happily in my wet yard!


This tree was used throughout history in a magnitude of ways…food, fuel, medicine, dyestuff, building material, wildlife food, and in magic. The Choctaw took the small acorns pounded, boiled, and made them into a meal. The Kiowa uses them for a beverage. They used the wood to keep their homes warm and the leaves as a substitute for rolling paper for cigarettes.

It was believed that the Oak was the first tree created by God, and the acorn the first fruit, therefore the first food of man. The Druids worshiped the Oak above all other trees. They believed the Oak carried the energy, power, and strength of their Gods. It was believed that acorns placed on windowsills would guard the home from lightening strikes.


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