Siberian Bugloss – Brunnera macrophylla

Siberian Bugloss
Siberian Bugloss

Siberian bugloss

such an unattractive name

for something

so light and pretty

and unabashedly blue

By Angela Leuck

@ her blog titled A Poet in the Garden


This perennial shade lover is native to Eastern Europe, specifically Siberia. It is often called False Forget-me-not due to the resemblance of the flowers. It is often grown in shade gardens, where it remains a nicely rounded clump of interesting foliage through the growing season. It looks wonderful with Astilbe, Barrenwort, Bergenia, Bleeding Heart, Coral Bells, Japanese Painted Fern, Foamflower, Hosta, Jacob’s Ladder, Lamium, Lungwort, and Solomon’s Seal as companions.

The species Bugloss is used for making a red dye from the roots; leaves, flowers and root dyr used for food; and all parts are used to treat cuts, bruises, phlebitis, and to treat coughs and bronchitis. But no reference is found for the cultivars uses!

This variety is most valued for its use as a ground cover and for its spring blossoms of blue that dance above the plant in the slightest breeze!

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