Common Lungwort – Pulmonaria officinalis

Common Lungwort
Common Lungwort

April Show

Though the afternoon’s snow-cold breaths
          and gray vapors threaten
          to lower the curtain
          flowers keep bursting on stage.
          Magnolia’s tight rose buds
          fan out to pink confections
          Forsythia leaps
          graceful arcs of yellow
          Pieris dangles blushing clusters
          like exotic fruit.
          From shy mauve Lungwort
          uncoiling under somber Juniper
          to Rhododendrons –
          fuchsia, orange and red –
          promenading in the spotlight
          all the cast has caught
          the rhythm of the caper
          a chorus line in Spring’s
          irrepressible choreography.

By Violet Nesdoly


This native of Europe is more valued for its mound forming character and foliage than for its dainty blue flowers. It is a great addition to the shade garden, popping the blue flowers in early spring to catch your attention. Following the Doctrine of Signatures this plant was used for centuries to treat diseased lungs!

 To use this for the treatment of bronchitis make a tea or a tincture from the leaves that were gathered during the blooming period. It also has cleansing properties, therefore it can be used for the digestive system, for diarrhea, and for cystitis.

The leaves can be used in a salad or as a pot herb.


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