Bradford Pear – Pyrus calleryana

Bradford Pear flowers
Bradford Pear flowers

This tree is a cultivar of one brought to North America around 1908 to breed a tree that was disease resistant, this proved futile, but the Bradford cultivar proved to be resistant to smog and a good street tree. It was introduced by the USDA in 1963 for this ornamental purpose. It is short lived (around 25 yrs) and fragile in high winds or when snow or ice accumulate on the branches.

The fruit is considered inedible, but a recipe for wine was found on the internet. (Found at the Wine Making Homepage by Jack Keller…

Animals find the fruit fine for eating after the first hard frost. They spread the seed in their dung. In many states the Bradford Pear is considered an invasive species, and people are discouraged from planting them.

Another drawback for planting this tree is the contrast of the flowers to how they smell. Although the flowers are very pretty to look at, the flowers are strongly aromatic and the scent has been described as smelling like tune fish gone bad!

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  1. Posted by baggedemotions on May 8, 2011 at 5:59 pm

    That is a beautiful flower…Who doesn’t love mother nature 🙂


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