Dwarf Korean Lilac – Syringa meyeri

Dwarf Koroean Lilac

Dwarf Koroean Lilac

Just now the lilac is in bloom
All before my little room;
And in my flower beds I think,
Smile the carnation and the pink;
And from the borders, well I know,
The poppy and the pansy blow.

—Rupert Brooke

This lilac is native to Southeast Asia, specifically Korea and China. It tends to be smaller than other lilac with a maximum bush height of 4-8’ tall/ Like most Lilacs it is sweetly fragrant and when massed together the scent can get overpowering. Its bloom time for Zone 7 is late April to May.

Like other Lilacs this one can be used in medicine, with the leaves and fruit used as anti-periodi, febrifuge, and tonic. It was used for centuries as a successful treatment for malarial type symptoms. When it can to America it was used as a vermifuge (expelling intestinal worms).

In Chinese Traditional Medicine it is called Qu Mai and is used to treat urinary infections, dysuria (painful urination), and to stimulate menstrual discharge.

Jeanne Rose has a nice article about Lilacs and extracting the scent from the flower for use as a perfume. (http://www.jeannerose.net/articles/lilac.html)


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