Old Fashioned Weigela – Weigela florida

Old Fashioned Weigela flowers & leaves
Old Fashioned Weigela flowers & leaves

This native of Southeast Asia loves full sun, but will tolerate some shade….It just flowers far better in full sun. They produce trumpet shaped flowers in pink, white or red, which attract hummingbirds in late May, early June. This shrub was first discovered in Korea and China by William Fortune in 1845 and brought back to Europe, where it immediately became a garden favorite.

It has no reference to herbal medicine or food uses that could be currently found. It is generally considered non-toxic, also causing little or no allergic response ion most people.

This shrub is listed as deer resistant. It is also a food plant for the larvae of some Lepidoptera species (moths and butterflies), including the Brown-tail. As stated earlier it is attractive to hummingbirds when in flower, but it also attracts butterflies on the wing.


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