Common Cinquefoil – Potentilla simplex

Common Cinquiefoil
Common Cinquiefoil

…The Cinquefoil is lover’s rose
Though blooms not large nor scarlet red
Where I attend Adonis grows
I fear my lover’s rose is dead…

By ‘Sinful’


This common ground hugging ‘weed’ grows all over eastern and central North America. It has been known to become invasive due to its habit of spreading through stolons running across the ground, and that it readily self seeds!

Due to the high quantities of tannins in this plant it is highly astringent, and therefore has been used to treat dysentery, stomach ulcers, and sore throats and gum disorders! It is also useful in the treatment of ‘Thrush.’

The tender leaves have been consumed fresh in salads or cooked and added to soups and a variety of other dishes. This herb is connected to Beltane, Eostara, and Midsummer. “The five points of the leaves represent love, money, health, power, and wisdom, and so if carried grants these.” (Cunningham in Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs)


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