American Strawberry Bush – Euonymous americanus

American Strawberry Bush
American Strawberry Bush

Hearts A Bursting in a native bush of Eastern North America. It is a small little bush that occurs in shady understories along shaded streams, river banks, woods edge and moist open woods. This bush is not well known in cultivation, but its interesting berries should land it a place in many eastern gardens! Taking greenwood cuttings in the summer or division of root clumps in winter are the easiest ways to transplant one to your yard or garden!


Humans, sheep and cattle will succumb to the glycosides (evobioside, evomonoside, & evonoside) found in the fruit. The symptomology of poisoning include diarrhea, and afflictions of the heart that may lead to cardiac arrest. Needless to say the fruit is not food for humans!


Even with the toxicity a decoction made from the root is used in cases of uterine prolapse, vomiting of blood, painful menstruation, and stomach aches. The bark is used in tea for the treatment of malaria, liver complaints, and constipation. Since it was used to stimulate menstruation, it should not be utilized by pregnant women since miscarriage can be expected!


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