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Garlic – Allium sativum

Sacred to: Hecate

Myth 1: Homer tells us that the virtues of garlic is what saved Ulysses from being turned into a pig like his soldiers were on the island of Aeaea by Circe, an enchantress.

Myth 2: In Islamic tradition or mythology, garlic sprang up from Satan’s left foot as he was driven out of paradise

Other Notes: In the world of folk magic, the overall power of the garlic lies in its ability to protect, from disease and from harm. Bullfighters were a clove of garlic around their neck to protect themselves from the horns of the bulls. In Balkan countries, garlic is rubbed on doorknobs to protect themselves from vampires and dried garlic wreaths are hung on doors to protect from evil witches or the evil eye. Some Europeans place garlic in a newborn’s cradle with salt and iron for the period from birth to baptism, so the child will be protected from original sin. In Sicily, it is placed in beds with women during childbirth and making the sign of the cross with garlic was said to drive a variety of tumors away. English nannies believed they could cure whooping cough by placing a clove of garlic in a child’s sock, and Cubans believe they can cure jaundice by wearing thirteen cloves of garlic for 13 days.