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University of Delaware Botanical Gardens

On a recent visit to the Botanical Garden at the University of Delaware in Newark, DE I ran into some plants I had never seen growing in this region.

The American Spikenard (Aralia racemosa), Possumhaw (Ilex deciduas), Green Dragon (Poncirus trifoliate), American Beautyberry (Callicarpa americana) and Brandywine Smooth Witherod (Viburnum nudum) were all producing fruit.

I was lucky enough to see the flowers on the Snow on the Mountain (Euphorbia marginata), and Red Bistort Firetail (Persicaria amplexicaulis) for the first time. I also found a pretty pink lily and a black eyed Susan look alike I had not seen before.

I was very disappointed though with their labeling of plants. Some of them were placed in front of plants that were not what the label said at all. Some were missing labels totally. Other labels were broken in half (or worse), some of the labels were buried so deep that there was no reading them at all! How do the students at the University learn that way?

Unknown Lily

Unknown Lily