Celery Seed – Apium graveolens dulce

Celery seeds
Celery seeds

During medieval times witches and magicians used celery seeds before flying. Witches believed the seeds kept them from getting dizzy when flying on their brooms, and therefore they did not fall. Magicians sprinkled the seeds into their shoes to help them fly (it didn’t work). Today in magic use it is believed that chewing them will increase concentration, and used in pillows will induce sleep.

This seed of the common celery is a native of southern Europe, Asia & Africa. Celery grows from the seed, the plant being biennial has to grow for two years to produce seed. They are good companions for leeks, tomatoes, beans, and brassicas.

Celery seed has long been eaten raw or cooked for the treatment of rheumatism, and as a treatment was brought to North America with the first Europeans to come here. The seed is used as a diuretic, often used to treat gout, edema, or dropsy. The seeds are also used as an antispasmodic of the digestive system.

In food use the celery seed is used as a flavoring agent in soups, salads, and stews.

Warning: It is advised that pregnant women not use celery seed due to the possibility of uterine bleeding and uterine muscle contractions!

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