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Bittercress – Cardamine hirsuta

Hairy Bittercress
Hairy Bittercress

This native of Europe and Asia is an annual who loves open areas, cultivated spaces, in fact almost anywhere is fine. It is very capable of being weedy and invasive, but since it adds to the spring time bouquet of greens after a long winter it should probably be forgiven this tendency, It stays green throughout the cold winter, making it a good plant to add to the diet in January and February.

One of the many complaints about this taprooted plant is that it attracts aphids, now this might be good in the garden as a trap plant! If you do want to rid your garden of this plant then remove it before it seeds, it is easily removed with light hoeing.

Cardamine hirsute is the “stiff plant” used in the ‘Nine Herbs charm,’ it was supposed to fight against the serpent. The ‘Nine Herbs Charm’ was recorded in the 10th century, and was an Old English incantation intended to be uttered over 9 herbs before their used in treating poisonings and infections.


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