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Wheat – Triticum vulgare

Wheat from Koehlers medicinal plants 1887

Wheat from Koehlers medicinal plants 1887

Sacred to: Demeter and Persephone (goddesses of the grain)

Myth 1: Demeter Bestows Grain. After the return of Persephone from the underworld, Demeter bestowed the art of agriculture upon mankind. (Source: Homeric Hymns, et al)

Myth 2: Instruction of Triptolemos. The Eleusinian hero Triptolemos was given a chariot drawn by flying serpents by the goddess Demeter and sent to instruct the whole of mankind in the art of agriculture. (Source: Homeric Hymns, et al)

Other Notes: Wheat, a symbol of fruitfulness, is sometimes carried or eaten to induce fertility and conception. Sheaves of wheat are placed in the home to attract money, and grains are carried in sachets for the same reason.