Queen Anne’s Lace – Daucus carota

Sacred to: unknown

Myth: According to legend, Queen Anne, wife of King James I, challenged her lady’s-in-waiting to a contest to see who best could produce a piece of lace as beautiful as a carrot’s flower. No one could out-match the young queen. However, just as she finished, she accidentally pricked her finger with a needle, for which reason Queen Anne’s Lace has a single red flower right at the center.

Other Notes: The name Carrot is Celtic, and means red of color and Daucus from the Greek dais to burn, signifying its pungent and stimulating qualities

Omens: If brought into the house, snakes will follow it. In Yorkshire, this
is known as Mother Die, or Stepmother’s Blessing, since if it’s brought into the house, your mother will die.

Queen Anne's Lace

Queen Anne's Lace


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